350 University Ave 
San Diego, CA, 92103-3031

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Reviewed by: mellany p. on: 2009-08-20
Come here for a Chinese food fix in Hillcrest! This place is good for tasty Chinese fare; it's pretty crowded during lunch (that's when I have been there). ...?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-03-12
I never write a bad review. I'm not that kind of person. Until today. This was not Chinese, I'm not sure if it was food. After we were finished I felt remorse for eating. I had steamed fish with vegetables, ordered it with garlic sauce it came with black bean...and it was very blank. My friend had Orange chicken, in his opinion it was the worst he has tried. And my boyfriend had the Three Ingredient Tastes. It tasted plain....the meat even didn't taste like meat. I was never this disappointed with food in my life.?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-04-17
I've gotten Chef's Wok two times now, I gave it two chances. The first time the meat was overcooked - beef burnt to a crisp - the second I don't know if there was a piece I could find that didn't have gobs of fat and skin on the chicken. They did have good service though. If you want to save a buck and get better food (albeit from angry old chinese women) cross the street and go to Hong Kong?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-09-24
...it would have had more flavor. The chicken chow mien tasted like the oil from the pan, and the Mongolian Beef was bland, bland, bland. How can Mongolian Beef be bland? It's supposed to be spicy.?
Reviewed by: Anonymous on: 2009-10-06
I am surpised about the other reviews. I love chinese food and I have been looking for a high-quality resturaunt. After going to 4 or 5 others and not finding what I wanted, this was the place. Every time I have been there everything has been good quality, good serivce, and better priced than some of the other higher-end ones. I would recommend this place, and I'm not really sure what the other reviewers are talking about, but this was by far the best tasting Chinese food I have found in San Diego so far. I didnt like the City Wok quite as much, the food presentation was good, but I didnt enjoy the tast. Actually, what the others wrote about Chefs Wok I would say about City Wok. Maybe they were confusing the two??
Reviewed by: DavidS5779 on: 2009-11-19
for a quick bite. We had a lemon chicken and a sesame chicken. Both were way too fried. The sesame chicken had no meat in it. Even the tea was bad. The place looks like a diner with plastic tables. Worst of all, it was overpriced ($10-11 per entree) for ...?